Notre Expertise


Proximity and Pragmatism

Our strength relies on our ability to build a close partnership with our clients that we learn to know in order to precisely answer their needs. We also rely on our pragmatic vision and creative approach to customize our services.

Furthermore, our leading position as the first Trademark Law Firm in France, has led us to develop  strong skills in the management of portfolios for large groups as well as for smaller structures and to achieve the responsiveness our clients can expect.


Innovative Management

With its specific field of specialization INLEX IP Expertise has chosen to invest in the creation and  development of an internal business software SHERPA to increase the work efficiency and the quality of services proposed to its client. As a result of years of research and development both in terms of functional coverage and underlying processes, SHERPA has made INLEX IP Expertise the first and unique firm with a fully designed software to manage the entire life cycle of an intellectual property portfolio.


Culture of Knowledge Management

As experts in IP we believe it is our duty not only to inform our clients on topics that may impact their IP rights but also to give them our view of the latest legislative, regulatory or judicial developments. For this reason we have a watch service on recent case-law developments and regularly comment interesting decisions and contribute to IP Magazines such as the World Trademark Review Daily Magazine, the INTA TM Reporter, and the Oxford University Press.