Conseil et stratégie

In addition to the traditional missions offered by INLEX IP Expertise, we strive to provide high quality and high value added services to our clients. We have decided to develop strategic consulting services in order to go beyond the simple management of the IP rights and be able to become a true «business partner».

For this purpose we have created 8 specialized departments in the following areas:

–          Strategic Consulting, Creation of aTrademark Policy and Evaluation of Performance #LexPerform

–          Valorization of your Intellectual Property Rigths #LexValue

–          Strategy of Business Development in the Internet #WebInlex

–          Strategy for Protection of your Concept #LexConcept

–          Strategy and legal consulting for Retail sector #LexRetail

–          Strategic and Legal Consulting in Wine & Spirits Law #LexWine

–          Legal Strategy for you IT Projects #LexComputing

–          Creation of licensing policy #Licensinlex

–          Legal strategy and regulatory Affairs #LexMarket


Besides, we also have local offices in several cities of France all specialized in various areas (such as Bordeaux for wine, Reims for Champagne, Cannes for perfumes…).

Finally, in order to answer our clients’ requirements, we have launched INLEX AFRICA, a new law firm located in Yaounde (Cameroon) – in the heart of the African Intellectual Property Organization

(OAPI) zone, to provide the optimum quality services to the OAPI market actors. The firm works in 17 states of the OAPI zone and in about 20 countries of the ARIPO zone (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization) which covers almost all Sub-Saharan Africa.